Antibodies Against NMDA Receptors in Schizophrenia

A very exciting and potentially groundbreaking observation in patients with schizophrenia was just published by Johann Steiner and colleagues from the Department of Psychiatry (Chairman: Bernhard Bogerts) of the University of Magdeburg in JAMA Psychiatry (formerly Archives of General Psychiatry – online first on January 23, 2013). They found in 9.9% (n = 15) in a cohort of 121 patients with a schizophrenic disorder antibodies against NMDA (N-methyl-D-aspartate) receptors (Steiner et al., 2013). Such antibodies were found only in 0.4% of the 230 control subjects studied, Continue reading

Drug Prescription Report 2012: Antidepressants

This post is related to my post of 9 November 2012 (not yet translated) where I critically discussed some of the unscientific aspects of the chapter “psychotropic drugs” of the Drug Prescription Report (Arzneiverordnungsreport) 2012, which reports on the German drug market (authors: Lohse and Müller-Oerlinghausen). Today I want to specifically address the group of antidepressants.

Antidepressants are by far the most frequently prescribed psychotropic drugs. Continue reading

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First Student Lecture Online!

Today I uploaded my first video lecture. On January, 11th, 2013, I gave the first of two main lectures on “schizophrenic disorders” at the University Hospital Aachen. The video can be viewed here (on the page For Students). The second part follows on 25 January.

Dear Students, please also point your fellow students  to the possibility to see the lecture again  if it was missed last Friday.

The lecture was given in German. It is not available in English language.

What if Money was No Object?

Today’s post has nothing to do with psychiatry and certainly nothing with pharmacology. It is dedicated to my three sons, which I’m very, very proud of. From one of them – Nikolaj – I got the note to this video. All three of them are very intensely – especially in the last few days we have had numerous and deep discussions – facing the question, what to do with one’s life and how it should be lived. Continue reading

Happy New Year!

All my readers, I wish a Happy New Year, personal happiness, professional success and above all health! For the new year I plan a lot of new projects, and I would be happy if my blog would develop to a platform of creative exchange of ideas.