Are antidepressants effective in children and adolescents with depression?

An important controversy has been raised by a recent high-profile meta-analysis, which has focused on the effectiveness of antidepressants in children and adolescents with depression. This meta-analysis is now critically discussed in a recent overview. The two articles – and the accompanying editorials – come to very different conclusions, which leave the clinician at first helpless.

Anne Garti /

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New FDA Approvals in 2013

As in previous years, an article in the February issue of Nature Reviews Drug Discovery reports on the pharmaceuticals approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2013 (Mullard, Nat Rev Drug Discov 2014; 13: 85-89; see also the respective report for 2012 in my post of February 28th, 2013).

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Bad News not only for Roche, but for Psychiatry

Last Tuesday, on January 21st, 2014, the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche published a press release on the first results of two Phase III studies with its glycine transporter inhibitor bitopertin (RG-1678) in patients with schizophrenia. Continue reading