Mild Physical Exercise Reduces the Risk for Dementia

In the latest online issue of the journal Stroke a European research consortium, which also includes a German group (Department of Neurology, University of Heidelberg, Klinikum Mannheim), could again demonstrate that even very modest physical activity significantly reduces the risk of developing dementia  (Verdelho et al., Stroke 2012, in press).

The LADIS (Leukoaraiosis and Disability) study prospectively investigates the role of CT or MRI white matter changes for later development of disability. Leukoaraiosis describes diffuse white matter abnormalities, as they are often observed in CT or MRI scans as incidental findings in healthy individuals. In recent years it has become increasingly clear that such changes frequently occur in people with vascular risk factors and that they appear to have some significance for the development of cerebrovascular diseases and dementia .

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