Happiness, Success and Health in 2014!

Dear readers of my blog,

I wish you a happy New Year, with personal happiness, professional success and most of all good health. Realize your plans, work on the implementation of your dreams, develop your creativity, and break new ground: All this I wish you!

Psychiatry – and especially psychopharmacology – are in a very exciting process in which habits, which we have followed for years and decades, are called into question.New drugs will reach the market, hopefully for the benefit of our patients. Diagnostic processes will change, new etiologic concepts will be developed. Above all, the prevention of mental disorders will get more weight. Like no other discipline, psychiatry reflects developments in our society, and it is incredibly exciting to be part of it.

In 2014 I want more than ever to share with you information on and discussion of these developments. So I ask you: Write, comment, encourage discussion, contradict me. If you want, you can also post something in this blog under your name. All this is important for the discourse not only in our field, but in our society. The interest in the topics discussed here are documented in the statistics of my blog for 2013, which you can access here: Statistics 2013.

I wish us all an exciting and even thrilling 2014!

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