The Perfect Life!

Already an hour after publishing my last post on the effects of a Mediterranean diet on cardiovascular risk on May 26, 2013, one of my former patients who follows my blog carefully sent me an email with the subject “The Perfect Life”, which I – with his consent – would like to release here:

“Andreas is born. As a child at the age of 3 he already learns an instrument, because recent studies have shown that it is raising IQ. He prefers to play in the woods, but the IQ is more important. When he is six, he eats BIO products, since Nutella, fast food and other foods are poison. At the age of 15 school grades are most important for him. Although he has friends, dialogues are mostly about school. He avoids drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, as these are bad for the body. He practices a lot of sports, because this is indeed healthy, but only sports where you cannot hurt yourself. Thus, soccer is a no-go.

He finds a good job. In his spare time he often makes soduku because it keeps mentally fit. He does not enjoy it at all, but mental fitness is important. It also reduces his risk for Alzheimer’s. On the Autobahn he drives not faster than 120 km/h, because anything else would be too dangerous. He would like to try a shooting game, but that could make him violent. This is at least the opinion in the yellow press. He enjoys traveling with his wife, but only in countries where it’s safe – hence some of his travel dreams will always be just dreams. From age 40 he has a busy schedule: Walking, heart care, bowel care and so on. He gets very old because of his life style. Finally, he is 120 years old and on his deathbed he says something surprising to his beraeved: ‘If only I had made ​​more mistakes!’ “

My patient concludes his email with the words: “Actually life is only about one thing: To live :-)”.

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